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Lord Charro
1/2 Appaloosa & 1/2 Percheron
Sabrina & Tonya Herrmann.

Tonya & Sabrina  Herrmann ran away to
 join the Circus with Charro!

Charro had a successful career
as a Circus horse.
He's known to start marching when he hears applause.
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While being very loved by Sabrina & Tonya Herrmann they thought the perfect home for him was with Terry.

Charro is patient & gentle.

A truer friend you'll never find.
Charro loves to visit schools
& do demonstrations.

Charro's 1/2 Appaloosa
is obvious when he gets a bath.

Charro has even convinced some Mom's
 that horses aren't so scary.

Academy of Riding Starlight Stables

Summer Camp

Charro still remembers
 his days in the Circus.

Starlight Stables