See what some of our former students are doing!

We love hearing from our former students and hearing how their
 involvement with Starlight affected their lives.

            Being a Martial Arts Master and helping my students to achieve their goals, I've found the riding lessons to be disciplined, goal oriented, exciting & fun.
   The pace of training to reaching my ultimate goal of riding a war horse (Royal Lipizzan Stallion)  fit my schedule & lifestyle.
 Thank you,

        Master Song

 To Terry Bowman...                                           
     the one who started it all.
               This is Erin, that little girl who crawled
 on top of Sham and they went so fast .
                   Do you also remember when I told you
that I was going to be Sham's personal Veterinarian?  
In  eleven days it will be one step closer to happening.
 Terry, I have an interview to Veterinary school
and I am so excited about it!  I wanted to  give
 myself the opportunity to revisit the real reason
 why I want to be a doctor and prepare for my
 interview, and  revisit the place where this life
 long dream started. You have been such and
 inspiration to me and I have never forgotten
my time with you and your horses.
        Every time I think of being or becoming a vet,
 those are the times that pop in to my mind and
kept my mind focused.  To be honest lots of  these
 times are on my applications and in my
admission essays.
 I wanted to share everything with you...

   Hello Terry!

        I took my first riding lessons at Starlight Stables in 1992 and 1993. I was an exchange student from Germany at UMKC and I had a great time riding Gita.   Recently, after almost 14 years, the horse virus broke through, I picked up riding again and two months later, I bought my first horse.
     The style has changed, from Western to an Icelandic horse, but I'd like to thank you for teaching me both the beginnings of riding and the gentle and respectful way to work with horses. There are things you never forget.
  When I found your previous website, it brought back many old memories. I am happy that your new site gives an email so I can express my thanks. You say "Show me a person's horse & I'll tell you about the person".  Well, here's Blakkur: small, smart, tireless and absolutely dauntless.
                                    Best Wishes From Overseas,


Love your website!  I took riding lessons from you as a child,(20 yrs ago) when Sham was around. All of the great pictures you have posted brought back so many fond memories for me.  I live in Southwest Missouri now, but hope to visit the area some time with my husband and daughters.  I would love to sign my girls up for a lesson next summer.  It's been fun showing my family where I used to ride!  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website.   

                         More ...

    Hi Terry,
        I have been looking at your website for some time and it sure
       does bring back a lot of memories of being out there and how
       much that was the best time of my life. :-)  I will never forget
        my time I had spent at the barn and with Gita they were good
       times for me. A part of my childhood that I will never forget
         about and I hope my daughter will someday have
           memories like that :-)
                                               Take Care,
                                             Michele Billings