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        Terry, My wife and I wanted our grandchild Sabrina to improve her self esteem.  We
      bought her riding lessons at your stables,  Starlight Stables.  Not only did controlling a large
      horse give her self esteem a much needed boost, it also gave her a sence of     
      accomplishment!  Thank You Very Much, riding with you and your horses really did turn
       things around for her.  Mike and Beth

Terry, Thank you so much for providing such a great experience for Amanda. She loved it and the whole thing gave us much food for thought about her future. I may be contacting you again about suggestions and exploring options for Amanda to build on her love of horses. Sincerely Melissa~

Our Anniversary was Made Special because the Horses and People of Starlight Stables are SPECIAL!   Thank You,   Dan and Stacey

Thanks for everything you do!   Cathy

I loved western-riding on Hercules he is loving yet challenging enough he is a GREAT Experience !  I'd Love to keep coming to Starlight Stables all the Horses and Riders are AWESOME!!!!     Brandon

Starlight Stables is So Great because it gives you experience riding and working with the horses.  It also gives you a taste of what it is like to be a trainer and have your oun horses. (which I can't wait to be ! )  Tweety

I Love Summer Horse Camp becuse no two are the same. They are all FUN and you learn so much !  Kayla

To the Horse Woman Extrordinaire,
            Grace, Heather & I would like to thank you for all your encouragement and
            good humor during this year's riding adventures.    
            We always enjoy Starlight Stables!
 Every day I look forward to go ride at Starlight Stables. The horses are all friendly and I love giving them treats. I really like how Terry will work at your level and never skip a step, she makes you feel safe when you are on the horse. Everyone makes you feel welcome and you make really good friends. I have been riding for about three years and I am looking forward to keep riding at Starlight Stables.  :)     Brianna
    We are the proud owners of three horses and I decided to boost our confidence as riders through training at Starlight Stables.  I was a new horse owner and a very beginner rider.  I first started with lessons for myself and then purchased horse lessons from my daughters Jenna and Elizabeth for Christmas.  It was a very "good thing" as all three of us have continued to gain confidence with riding and it has transferred over to our own horses.  Terry is a patient and consistent instructor.  Her lesson horses are very happy horses and she adds lots of variety to the lessons as you ride.  I believe that this has been one of the best years in our lives for  my girls and myself--being on horseback, well it's like time stands still and in our hurry-up world any time you can grab a moment to stop and enjoy, do it! and on horseback!!!      Sincerely, Sheila

Love your website!  I took riding lessons from you as a child,(20 yrs ago) when Sham was around. All of the great pictures you have posted brought back so many fond memories for me.  I live in Southwest Missouri now, but hope to visit the area some time with my husband and daughters.  I would love to sign my girls up for a lesson next summer.  It's been fun showing my family where I used to ride!  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website.     -Lori

Hi Terry,
        I have been looking at your website for some time and it sure does bring
        back a lot of memories of being out there and how much that was the best
        time of my life. :-)  I will never forget my time I had spent at the barn
        and with Gita they were good times for me. A part of my childhood that I
        will never forget about and I hope my daughter will someday have memories like that :-)
           Take Care,
                        Michele Billings

Starlight Stables is an amazing place to ride. I have learned sooo much from Terry.  I know that Terry has taken me far in my riding career. Even if I ride in different places I'll always consider Starlight Stables my second home. It's a great stable for everyone, not to mention the friendly people & riders.

The reason I love Starlight Stables is because of Terry. She is an amazing trainer. She has taught me everything I know from the 6 years I have been riding with her. Also, the horses and the people are so nice and helpful.   The horses can teach you, which is great, because it can help you become a better rider.  The horses are all different which helps your level of riding and what you want to do. Starlight Stables is amazing for any level of rider.  - Summer

I love Summer Camp because of all the new people you meet and all the things you do. For example, water fights, riding bare back, barrel racing & you get to ride English or western. -Sara

Terry,  when we visited your stables, we didn't know anything about horses except that my kids loved them. With the exception of a few, and rare, opportunities, the kids had never really been around such large animals. They fell in love.  That one visit had motivated Allie & Taylor to show how much they wanted to ride.  They both had to keep excellent grades & attitude. Also, the one time visit is the only thing that Allie talked about for 5 months.  They were and are still so excited to ride & be a part of the care that the horses require.  As a parent, I look at this experience to last for a long time & forever in their memories as a child, to help develop them as a growing person physically, mentally & emotionally.   We look forward to many great years of working with you.      - Michelle

I love Starlight Stables because I love riding horses as often as possible.   I also love Starlight Stables because Terry is an awesome instructor.  Summer Camp is great cause we get the opportunity to to ride different horses and styles than we are used to. Also, you get to meet other people who enjoy riding as much as you do.  - Lauryn

  When I think of Starlight Stables, I think of fun and having a good time. Never is there a dull moment here, and I love it! I love to ride horses as much as I can, because coming from the east coast there isn't very many horse farms.  I like to say that I was deprived as a child and am now making up for it.     Terry makes it fun and makes me want to learn as much about horses as I can. She can make any child want to sit still long enough on a horse to learn to ride.  She does it every day & that says a lot. Summer camp was a lot of fun & I'd recommend it to any horse lover. Keep up the good work!  -Kayla

 I grew up afraid of horses but was still so enammered with them.  Having a daughter of my own was the perfect time to try & overcome this fear.  While Cezanne rode during her lesson I would walk around & introduce myself to the rest of the horses.  There was one that stood out & drew me in. It happened to the be the biggest horse on the place!  Charro. He was huge but also calm, steady and so patient.  I could tell that he remembered me each time I came back. I was in love. I had never felt trust with a horse, ever.  I made a charm with a lock of his tail so I can always have my little piece of Charro. Terry may not know this but I consider Charro mine.  My whole extended family knows about this horse, "Lord Charro the Circus Horse".  Besides that wonderful surprise I also found a common love & interest with my daughter.  It's something we always did together & no one else in the family seemed to understand our passion for going to "the barn". But, we knew.  There were winter days when everything was silent & frosty and we arrived at the barn to hear munching, snorting,... horse language.  There were many days I warmed my hands by standing close to Charro & placing my hands behind his front legs next to his tummy.  It's a bond, with my daughter, that has grown & I'll cherish forever.
           I used to have a business & on the last day we had to close our doors I drove to the barn for comfort.   
      Terry met  me in the yard with a hug & I told her I just felt the need to come here. I walked down & found
       my friends who always know how to make everything better.    -Jana

        I loved Baby Doll from the first time I met her, we have had a connection.  
           We go do fun activities like trail rides, follow the leader and Simon Says.
           The horses have personalities just like each person.  We get to learn
           and care about the horse.
                    I also love when my horse cantors.      - Allie

I like Summer Camp because you get to meet new people. I like everything about Summer Camp.
      - Davis

I didn't really know how special, and exceptional,  the Starlight horses were until I visited another barn.

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