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Every day I look forward to riding at Starlight Stables. The horses are all friendly and I love giving them treats. I really like how Terry will work at your level and never skip a step, she makes you feel safe when you are on the horse. Everyone makes you feel welcome and you make really good friends. I have been riding for about three years and I am looking forward to keep riding at Starlight Stables.
 :)     Brianna


Fun and Fast Horse Facts

    * The oldest horse on record was named Old Billy, a Cleveland Bay that lived to be 62 years old.
    * Adult horses only sleep 3-4 hours in a 24 hour period.
    * The tallest horse was named Samson back in the 1850's.  Samson stood at 21.2 hands high.
    * The smallest horse in the world is Thumbelina (aptly named).  She stands at just 17 inches tall!
    * A horse can see in all directions except for directly in front and directly behind him.
    * The highest successful jump ever was made by a horse named Huaso in Chile.  He jumped 8 feet!
    * A mule is a cross between a male donkey (known as a jack) and a female horse (mare). Mules are always sterile.
    * Horses cannot breathe through their mouths

Natalia took many years of riding lessons and now
 teaches others to ride.

Starlight Stables Horse Show,1st place dollar bareback ride winner-Gil!!

Ashley loves riding Baby Doll!

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Do you know your horse's Anatomy?
Academy Of Riding Starlight Stables Rules and Regulations

  Drinking Alcoholic Beverages, Smoking, and Profanity are Prohibited

  All Children not on horseback must have adult supervision at all times

  Only guided tours of Stable and Horses allowed please contact Starlight
Stables at 816-805-2364
Please No feeding Fingers or Treats to Horses
Academy Of Riding Starlight Stables has a No Refund Policy

Starlight Stables is not responsible for lost or damaged objects or any
damages caused by any person or animal on grounds of Starlight Stables

All Classes will start and stop at scheduled times.

Only students on horseback and instructors are allowed in arena

One Makeup allowed per month, must call 48 hours in advanced to be
allowed makeup ineligible for makeup tuition will be applied

Starlight Stables has the right to terminate any student for any reason at any time.
Remaining tuition will not be refunded

Ed from Hong Kong wins ribbons at his first horse show.
The next Starlight Stables Horse Show, will be October 23rd, 2010.
For past and present students only.
Barrel Racing
Horse Happiness

People travel from all over to ride at Starlight.
Aurora  -  from Norway

Nicholas (st. nick) had ridden at Starlight since he was  7
and has now realized his dream as a horse trainer.

Paige (left) flys in to spend the summer with Grandma & wouldn't miss SUMMER CAMP.
We have special packages
for our special summer visitors.

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